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GOOD TROUBLE drops Jan 7

Posted on 06.06.18 at 05:06 pm

Super excited to share my first book of words and pictures, GOOD TROUBLE. Publication is set for January 7. Here’s the back cover copy from Abrams:

Overwhelmed by today’s political climate and accompanying pessimism, journalist and illustrator Christopher Noxon found encouragement on a visit to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. He came away inspired and determined to learn the deeper lessons of the movement that would lead to progress today. Good Trouble is the result of that reckoning. In words and vivid pen-and-watercolor illustrations, Noxon dives into the real stories behind the front lines of the Montgomery bus boycott and the Greensboro lunch counter sit-ins and illuminates notable figures like Rosa Parks and Bayard Rustin, all while exploring the parallels between the Civil Rights movement and the present moment. With a fresh look at historic episodes and new interviews with its heroes, Good Trouble gleans essential wisdom and tactics modern day activists can embrace, urging them forward to create change. Good Trouble is evidence that the past could be the best roadmap in inspiring action and hope not just for now, but for all times.

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