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Plus One book is a comedic take on bread-winning women & stay at home husband in contemporary Los Angeles by Christopher Noxon, house husband freelance writer. The site also includes a selection of articles, house husband stories and unpublished pieces from Los Angeles-based freelance writer Christopher Noxon.


Details feature: “Are You Jealous of Your Kid?”

Details magazine

Flame-bating feature on wellspring of resentment that builds up among over-involved parents as they create ever-more-awesome educational and enrichment opportunities for their precious progeny.

Parents urge kids to live on the wild side

"Family Life" column, distributed by Reuters

On recent family trip to Denmark, wife and I loved how dangerous everything was—perilous play equipment, no bike helmets, creaky amusement park rides. Got me thinking about sanctity of safety among parents at home and recent books that celebrate virtues of sketchy situations for kids…

Adventures in Family Air Travel

"Family Life" column, distributed by Reuters

That dad with the hyper disruptive brats two rows back? I’m that guy. In this essay-as-desperate-apology, I try to make amends and imagine an airline geared specifically for families…

When treating kids like royalty has to stop

Published by Reuters, June 18, 2008

Commentary on how kids today are spoiled and coddled became a more limited but truthful account of how I spoil and coddle my kid.

Parents, unite! Ban birthday party blowouts

Published by Reuters, May 5, 2008

Latest Family Life column is parental call to arms to stop the madness around kiddie birthday parties. Si se puede!

Hear ye, hear ye! My parenting manifesto!

Published by Reuters, April 23, 2008

Family Life column on Parenting Manifestos, including a few self-evident foundational truths of my own…

Boys, Guns and the ‘Bang Bang Gene’

Published by Reuters, March 25, 2008

Family Life column for Reuters on boys, guns and the “bang bang gene.”

Fear Fuels Baby Business Boom

Published by Reuters, April 9, 2008

Latest Family Life column details my nightmares in babyproofing and the billion-dollar “mommy market.”

Dads Grapple With New Role: Tech Support

Published by Retuers, March 11, 2008

This week’s column wonders why being a dad today so often means being an IT guy.

Can Enthusiasm for Breastfeeding Go Too Far?

Published on Reuters, Feb. 1, 2008

The second installment of my new Reuters column involves a celebrity pediatrician and my wife’s boobs. Response has been highly enjoyable, ranging from the dad who took the opportunity to rave about how he can bring his wife to orgasm through nursing to the New Zealand feminist blogger who can’t believe we didn’t get more worked up about our our groovy pediatrician.

Irving the Snowchicken is Coming to Town

Published on, December 22, 2007

Forget Christmakkah and Festivus. Our interfaith holiday involves a magical rooster who fills the children’s pants with presents.

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