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Plus One book is a comedic take on bread-winning women & stay at home husband in contemporary Los Angeles by Christopher Noxon, house husband freelance writer. The site also includes a selection of articles, house husband stories and unpublished pieces from Los Angeles-based freelance writer Christopher Noxon.


Is my son a dick, or is he two?

Published by Salon

My son bullies me, insults his mother and once punched an old man in the nuts. I know it’s probably just a phase. But what if it isn’t? Check out the insane letters of response here.

Four square for grownups?

Published on on June 28, 2006

Written in advance of publication of Rejuvenile (and originally comissioned by GQ magazine), this participatory feature was a ton of fun to report; what if, I wondered, I took a break from my desk-bound theorizing and actually went out and competed against the most dedicated adult players of kidgames like kickball, rock paper scissors, tag, minigolf and a “watergun assassination tournament.”

Mad Mel

Published on

Follow-up to my New York Times Magazine feature on Mel Gibson, in which I attempt to describe the deeply surreal experience of having Mad Max trash talk me live on Fox TV. Was it brilliant marketing, or pathological paranoia? Published in

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