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Plus One book is a comedic take on bread-winning women & stay at home husband in contemporary Los Angeles by Christopher Noxon, house husband freelance writer. The site also includes a selection of articles, house husband stories and unpublished pieces from Los Angeles-based freelance writer Christopher Noxon.


LA Times Review of ‘Out on Wire’

LA Times, Aug 20, 2015

Jessica Abel’s new graphic novel on the rise of narrative nonfiction radio (think This American Life and Radiolab) is a love letter from one blossoming genre to another.

Michael Lewis book review in LA Times

Published in book review section of LA Times

Finally getting around to posting this review from LA Times of Michael Lewis’ daddy memoir. I love Lewis’ style, but in the end felt weirdly depressed reading his cynical take on the basic drudgery of raising kids…

The Secret to Dating

Published on April 12, 2007

This column for the L.A. Times’ Calendar section began with an assignment to write about “what I wish I knew about dating when I was single.” I dug deep into my own humiliating record of romance and found a curious parallel with an unhealthy obsession of the moment: the Australian self-help DVD “The Secret.”

‘Alternadad’ review

Published in LA Times Book Review, January 21, 2007

Neal Pollack is a fellow Angeleno with a distaste for Barney and an obsessive desire for his kids to appreciate good rock and roll. Unsurprisingly, I liked his book a lot.

It Takes a Village to Help One Man

Published in the Los Angeles Times on May 29, 2003

Is this a participatory feature or an exercise in masochism? Both, it turns out. For one week, I followed the advice of 12 of LA’s growing legion of “lifestyle experts ”—including a life coach, a spiritual advisor, a physical trainer and a personal brander. Ended up a little more confident, a lot more self conscious and very, very tired.

East/West Smackdown

Published in the Los Angeles Times on April 18, 2002

Cover story for Calendar section in which I go head-to-head with a die-hard Westsider over the comparative merits of our ‘hoods. It gets nasty. Generated a ton of response from readers, many of whom didn’t quite get our intended cheekiness.


Published in the Los Angeles Times on November 14, 1999

Sunday feature about the casual, common and public use of profanity. Fuck yeah!

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