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Christopher Noxon’s circle of influence, links & useful resources from friends, family & like-minded spirits as part of the Christopher Noxon’s site which includes a selection of articles, house husband stories in his novel Plus One and unpublished pieces from Los Angeles-based freelance writer Christopher Noxon.

Friends, family, kindred spirits:

Betty Lane. Online gallery of artwork by my late grandmother.

Flogging Molly. Once upon a time, my best friend Bob was a geek with a guitar and a funny haircut. Twenty years later, he’s miraculously rocking the free world in a great Irish punk band (dig the windmills on that electric mandolin!). Ain’t life funny?

Marti Noxon. My older sister Marti is a teevee writer and producer and honestly one of the smartest, kindest and coolest people in the world. And get this, she actually enjoys writing.

Matthew Cavanaugh. Photo gallery for visionary, entirely decent Washington D.C. photojournalist.

Tremolo. Homepage for ace documentarian Morgan Neville, fellow old-school kickballer and maker of amazing movies on everything from Los Angeles to Hank Williams.

Rabbit Blog. Off-work ramblings of Salon television critic and armchair advice columnist Heather Havrilesky.

Jill Soloway. Things and stuff from funny-smart essayist, performer, producer, righteous Jewess.

Deep Fun. Musings and insights from visionary author, mystic and champion of fun, Bernie DeKoven.

Pat Kane. Blog of pop musician-turned-“militantly postmodern” Scot and author of the dazzling manifesto The Play Ethic.

Kim and Jason. Online headquarters for Mr and Mrs. Kotecki, CEOs of a rejuvenile cottage industry of cartoons, books and inspiration.

Joel Stein. Clip archive and promo site for ridiculously funny and stupidly fearless Time magazine and LA Times columnist.

Arthur. Web edition of alternative music and thought mag, helmed by the incorruptible Jay Babcock.

The Lovely Mrs Davis. A cool mom’s views on kids’ media, pop culture and motherhood.

Flybar. Pal Dave Jargowsky created a high-performance pogo stick! Buy yours today and soar six feet skyward!

Midnight Factory. Link-o-rama complied by Fluxus artist and tech genius Channing Hansen.