Christopher Noxon

Christopher Noxon Links & Resources

Friends, family, kindred spirits:

Betty Lane. Online gallery of artwork by my late grandmother.

Flogging Molly. Once upon a time, my best friend Bob was a geek with a guitar and a funny haircut. Twenty years later, he’s miraculously rocking the free world in a great Irish punk band (dig the windmills on that electric mandolin!).

Marti Noxon. My older sister Marti is a teevee writer and producer and honestly one of the smartest, kindest and coolest people in the world. And get this, she actually enjoys writing.

Matthew Cavanaugh. Photo gallery for visionary, entirely decent Washington D.C. photojournalist.

Deep Fun. Musings and insights from visionary author, mystic and champion of fun, Bernie DeKoven.

Joel Stein. Clip archive and promo site for ridiculously funny and stupidly fearless Time magazine columnist.