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Plus One book is a comedic take on bread-winning women & stay at home husband in contemporary Los Angeles by Christopher Noxon, house husband freelance writer. The site also includes a selection of articles, house husband stories and unpublished pieces from Los Angeles-based freelance writer Christopher Noxon.


Sketchbook Project 02.28.14

Seven Years ago a pair of art school students started the Sketchbook Project. It’s simple enough: for $25, they send you a blank notebook. You fill up the blank notebook and then return it, and the notebook joins a permanent collection located in a storefront in Brooklyn. All the books are carefully indexed and categorized and available for anyone and everyone to peruse.

The books themselves are ridiculously interesting — I spent four hours perusing the collection on a recent snowy morning and could’ve spent all day. I took home an official Sketchbook Project notebook and devoted the first pages to these impressions of my visit:

Christopher Noxon Illustrations: Los Angeles-Based House Husband Freelance Writer & Illustrator

Sketchbook Project Christopher Noxon

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Published on The, 2/7/2014